What We do

Our scope of work basically rotates around seven pillars and these are i) Primates conservation awareness, ii) Human-primate conflict, iii) Human- primate health, iv) alternative local community livelihoods, v) primate habitat restoration, vi) lastly primate trade, trafficking & rescue and lastly, vii) skilling youth.
Considering limited funding & COVID-19 pandemic important role to primate conservation, we are currently have undertaken the following activities. (Put photos)

  • Training of tour guides & porters in prevention of COVID-19 transmission to primates especially to Mountain gorillas & Chimpanzees. This is running around Mgahinga, Kibale and Bwindi Impenetrable National parks in Western Uganda. Over 70 tour guides & 85 porters trained.
  • Distribution of maize flour & beans. COVID -19 has swept a major income for porters & tour guides. We have distributed over 20 tons of maize flour and 5 tons of beans since May 2020 around Kibale & Bwindi Impenetrable park.
  • Distribution of planting materials such as maize seeds. Maize flour distribution is not sustainable so we distributed about 3 tons of maize seeds to porters & tour guides around Kibale & Bwindi between August & September. The soils around these areas fertile thus we expect a bumpy harvest in January & February 2021.
  • Through our partner, Bird Uganda Safaris, 15 members of local communities around Budongo, Bwindi, Mgahinga & Kibale national park will be freely trained in Bird guiding course at Makerere Biological Field Station-Kibale in February 2021.