How to support the community

Your support will contribute to the survival of the primates in Uganda.   Research has it that the human beings who live around the primates’ habitats are responsible for the reduction of the habitat. This is done through the illegal utilization of natural resources.

To be able to deal with this challenge, the community have to be provided with alternative means of survival.

1.     Donations.  Click here for you to donate.

2.     Travel with us.  We offer specialized primate tours to nature lovers.  Book a tour with us on .  20% of the proceeds will be used to support the reformed poachers’ groups.

3.     Sponsor the youth in either  school education or skills training ( guiding, rangers, waiters, waitresses, managing hotels

4.     Support the Rafiki microfinance initiative.

5.     Purchasing skills training materials. Sewing machines, Coffee brewing machine, Barista coffee making machines, Honey extraction and bottling equipment.